Hand-Crafted Brand Stories for Entrepreneurs + Startups


Note: The VIRAL STORY Blueprint is the brand storytelling formula I use to create brand stories that sell, engage and grow businesses.



Here's what happens when you make the first move...

Day 1: The Turning Point

You understand the power of story and see how it can add INSANE value to your company, solving many of the marketing, branding and sales headaches you've been experiencing lately.

You click that BUY NOW button because you're ready to start the transformation to go from business to VIRAL story brand!

You fill out my questionnaire and schedule your intro call with me.

Days 2-10: The Fun

We hop on the phone and talk it up for about 20 mins and when we hang up we're both like, wow, that human is awesome.

I get to work, running your business through my VIRAL STORY blueprint, updating you every two days or so and sending you love notes full of educational materials and fascinating videos for you to watch. (I love personalizing this part so you'll get stuff relevant to your line of work! Your continued education on business storytelling is important!!)

Days 10-18: The Science

I send you the first draft of your brand story.

You say, "Wow, this is rad! Can we add this too?"

I head back to my chamber and continue crafting your shiny new brand story adding the right ingredients to give you VIRAL potential.

Days 18-20: The Prize

We meet again.

I present you with your completed brand story over screenshare. I also provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to use your brand story as a powerful communications tool moving forward and repurpose parts of it for sales pages, social content, speeches, etc.

You sleep on it and we continue the conversation through email.

Day 21: The Happy Conclusion

Our business affair has ended, but the love lives on.

And while we recognize that nothing good lasts forever, we're able to stay connected through email and social media.

You look back on this experience and realize that this investment in your business (and in yourself/your team) has been a game-changer, not because of Jorden, but because of the transformation in mindset, going from business to VIRAL STORY brand.

What You Take Home:

  1. Revamped and simplified Homepage copy
  2. Revamped Business Story (About Me/History) page
  3. Comprehensive customer journey map
  4. Persuasive brand script and communications guide detailing how to use your brand story as a tool to simplify marketing and sales
  5. Powerful elevator pitch 
  6. A solid foundation for your brand moving forward to pass along to a designer, Virtual Assistant, contractor or full-time employee

And because we've accomplished this, you're now able to:

  • Market to your audience with a message that resonates, engages and drives them to buy
  • Build instant trust with your audience
  • Sell your product or service with confidence and ease
  • Overcome false objections from doubtful prospects like "you're too expensive"
  • Streamline the messaging for your social media channels saving tons of time and energy

So, my love...

I'm here to serve you, empower you and help you grow. I don't want you to struggle anymore or feel like you're driving blind. The solution is simple...

If you want to take control of your image and your business and equip yourself with THE most powerful business tool available to man, you need to work with me to create a brand story that captivates your audience and not only converts them into new customers, but keeps them coming back for more.

The choice is yours.