Jorden Lacy

The Road Less Traveled

Lauren Alexandra Photography

Lauren Alexandra Photography

It's not always about the data...

What happened to human connection? What happened to uncomfortable, awkward interactions that shape us, mold us and help us grow? Technology has advanced us, but it's also hurt us by allowing us to hide behind the screen instead of facing our fears head on.


I see the world through a camera lens...

Story is who I am. It's what fuels me and how I fuel others.

I've taken the road less traveled, powering through trials and tribulations with the happy ending of my story in mind.

I've chosen to live on purpose, with purpose.

Not only do I use story as a business tool, I use it as a transformative life tool, helping friends, family, acquaintances and strangers use story as a means of therapy and healing to escape darkness and create a new, intentional reality for themselves...

From the homeless man on Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, who graciously accepted the sandwich I offered, and who was driven to tears by the simple reminder that he is not invisible -- that he matters...

To the autistic man at my local grocery store who's written two books about his life experiences and who simply just wants to be heard and understood, who's mentioned several times how much our conversations make him feel like less of an outsider. 

And my son, who's too young to understand it yet, but who will come to learn that the stories we read at night parallel his own. That he has the power to pen his own life and pave his own way.

Story is what connects us all -- it's in our DNA, our collective unconscious... it's the primitive language of the human psyche that unites us despite our differences.


I'm the dork who chose to spend her teenage summers in a classroom at exclusive writing camps at renowned schools like UVA and Duke. Yes, you had to apply to get in.

My name is Jorden Lacy and I'm a story maker.

I'm a proud story nerd who's on a mission to bring story back to the data-driven business world and help entrepreneurs like you create enchanting brand stories that engage, sell and grow your biz like crazy.

I hope you'll join me on my quest the make story the new standard and magical experiences the norm.

My signature course VIRAL STORY is coming soon!



by Jorden Lacy

I am from old ink, sorcerous spells on papyrus scrolls, 
From Giza and the Book of the Dead.
I am from the abused Converse shoes in my closet
(Burnt orange, like a twelve day old carrot). 
My mind is that of a wandering aesthetic
Taking residence in the hinterlands, 
Focused on the big picture
And trying to find a passage to open sea.
I’m from play dough and easy bake ovens, 
From instinctual intellect and whimsical intrusions. 
I’m from the forgiving giant and the atypical beauty. 
From “Because I said so,” and ritual “I love you” text messages
I will abide by the rules of karma and attempt to reach nirvana,
But I refuse to believe the interpretations of the holy word as translated by man.
Most of those questions are better left unanswered. 
I am from Achilles and Odysseus;
Immortal aspirations and a ship blown off course trapped in a torturous paradise. 
From my father’s swollen ego to his weak yet radiant heart; 
The same heart that’s curtains opaqueness dissolved after I saved his life.

That day, I fell in love with stories.

They are the stars that lead me north, 
And the pyramids I stand on to reach the heavens.


Copyright 2017