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Lauren Alexandra Photography

Lauren Alexandra Photography

Hi, I'm Jorden Lacy.

Passionate creative thinker, glorified "weirdo" and entrepreneur.

I'm a former film major turned marketing/web geek, designer, mommy blogger and now creative entrepreneur! 

The road to success for a creative, artist or writer is SO uncertain and unclear which is why so many either give up or never start at all.

I know what it's like to feel stuck. YOU know you have a great idea and special skills the world could benefit from, but you just don't know where to or how to start. That's exactly how I felt, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Knowledge (or lack-there-of) is what prevents so many talented people from making their dreams a reality.

Now, I'm not saying you aren't smart! Obviously you are or you wouldn't be interested in starting a business :P

...I mean that some people view the rich or the successful as "lucky" or as possessing secrets the other 98% doesn't. In reality, those "secrets" are just specialized knowledge, education, and just plain relentless will to succeed. I'm pretty sure you already have that last one, so I'm going to do what I can to make sure you don't miss out on those other two.


Now, I know I can't replace your degree or accredited education (those are definitely important too), but they don't teach you everything because things are constantly changing and FAST.

My mission is to do everything I can to help you spread your passion and share it with the world.

I'm not the flashiest, the craziest, the most in your face marketer or coach out there... but I care.

And I think that's what matters most. I believe in quality over quantity so all of the videos, mini-courses and other content on my site are short, sweet and to the point (with the exception of an occasional long-form blog post).

I don't succeed unless you succeed and I take pride in that.

Cut down the fluff and stop fantasizing about your goals, JUST DO THEM. 

Stop dreaming, my friend...


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